Next Media’s Samson Kasumba survives bathroom accident

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Celebrated journalist Samson Kasumba still counts himself lucky after he survived a would be tragic
bathroom accident after falling in the shower room in Dubai where he is reporting news at the 2020
Dubai Expo.

Through a tweet, Kasumba narrated yesterday how he was very lucky that the fall in the shower room
didn’t end up really bad because of the small size of the bathroom. He revealed that he slipped in the shower room but was quick enough to hold his ground by spreading his arms wide and gained support from the walls of the small bathroom.

According to his experience, he advised people to always make thier bathrooms smaller because it helps in such cases. It must have been a traumatizing experience for the news anchor as it left him with a lot of thoughts about what would have happened Incase things hadn’t gone well.

Am very lucky this fall in the shower could have ended up very, very badly. Make your shower box
smaller. I just realized it helps. The things in my mind are numerous right now. Thank God it has not
been as bad as most I have heard. Amen to our God. Back to hunting news here in very scary thought as you slip in the bathroom and the fall starts. You try to manage it but it all seems out of control. You think of all those fatal falls and spine fractures you’ve heard of. This all happens so fast in microseconds then boom onto the tiles. I am very lucky…” Samson Kasumba revealed.

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