Nina Roz hide her YouTube channel – Black Market Records

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Black Market Records has bashed allegations that they had taken over Nina Roz YouTube channel, they say the singer hid her YouTube channel by herself. The record label as headed by a one Singleton, is believed to have taken the channel down after Nina Roz defected from it.

In a press release that was shared on their social media platforms, the recording label stated that the
allegations are untrue and said that their five year contract with Nina Roz that was signed in August
2020 is still on.

They also asserted that Nina Roz is still in full control of her YouTube channel including access logins for the channel as they only request her for access incase they want to upload or promote content.

The music label revealed that they were recently denied access to the YouTube channel when they
wanted to upload a new song called “Ontekako” and when the song was uploaded on her VEVO channel, it was pushed to her YouTube channel which she ‘manipulatively’ decided to hide.

Singer Nina Roz has recently in several interviews revealed how she no longer has access to her YouTube channel alleging that it was deleted by Black Market Records when she made a decision to quit the music label.

We shall keep you updated on Nina Roz’s response.

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