Omulangila Suuna vows to sue Next Media over defamation

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KAMPALA – Local Singer Omulangila Suuna has bitterly vowed to sue Next Media over defamation and character assassination. He says he has been following them until he decided enough is enough.

The singer who broke down while addressing the press on Thursday revealed his intention to sue the
media house and some of it’s employers who have made always made him a topic of discussion on air whenever they get chance.

According to him, there is a particular show that aired on 27th September where they took off
20minutes trolling him with statements saying that he has made marrying older women an occupation after his failed music career and is sustained by witchcraft.

“I want them to bring evidence of the weddings I have had with older women and all the allegations that I am a stunted artiste. I need to see the kwanjula photos. How do you ask me for documents of my properties to prove ownership as if you have heard someone also claiming them?” Omulangila Suuna ranted

He requested the media house to avail evidence defending the remarks adding that he was he was hurt and his reputation injured by the claims.

“You can’t say I’m unlucky and a failed artiste who uses witchcraft in front of my parents and people that look up to me” Omulangila Suuna furiously added.

According to his lawyers, the singer demands 1billion from Next media as compensation for damages caused on his reputation, a public apology from the show hosts of the particular show at NBS Tv and also UCC to sensor the show as there are many other victims who have been affected like him.

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