Parents’ Reactions After Kids Reporting Back to School

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Different parents reacted to AIGP Asan Kasingye’s tweet stating how the silence in the house is punishing him since kids have returned back to school.

“Ok. I wanted them to go. But, the house is now too empty. You can hear a pin drop. Didn’t know little fights of who controls the remote were very important,” he wrote.

The parents were just touched by his statement and shared their exciting experiments they are having with the presence of the kids around.

“You are lucky. I am still looking for the remote. One sneaky one seems to have packed it. I am still hoping it isn’t in one of the schools,” wrote Rotasheka.

“Haha Afande I feel your pain. My brothers are living this week too. I will miss the golden days of arguing about football,” said Jc Clizy.

Ssebulime Francis reacted saying, “Thought the effect was on myself alone! I don’t know how many times I have checked bed rooms pretending to see if they left everything in order. Only to realize it is actually disturbing.”

Omia said, “Wait for when they grow up and build their own homes. It will be worse. But our best wishes for them! School is good.”

These and many more are some of the remarks different parents shared with their children being absent from home. However, it’s part of the process of life.

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