People Should Stop Judging Pastor Bujingo. KATO LUBWAMA SAYS

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Filled with anger, Kato Lubwama has today cautioned people to do less of judging and try to understand Pastor Aloysius Bujingo. He says people need to find out why he ran away from his old marriage.

Appearing on UNCUT kalakata, the former Lubaga South Member of Parliament, Kato Lubwama was asked to give a honest opinion about the newly introduced Pastor. In response to this, he said that people need to understand that marriage is like a prison. And that many people are suffering in marriage only that they never show it to the public.

Additionally he said that if pastor Bugingo has decided to free himself from prison then that is good for him and Ugandans should stop using that against him. He is an old man he must be having reasons as to why he decided to move on.

“Ugandans leave Pastor Bugingo alone I know many of you know how hard it is to be in marriage. Many people are silently suffering in marriage because they went to church and wedded. But you see marriage is like a prison and if he decided to leave a prison no one has authority to stop him ,” LUBWAMA said

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