Police raids Normads Bar in Bunga for violating covid regulations

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KAMPALA – In an operation to enforce Covid rules and regulations, Uganda police raided over Normads Bar in Bunga and flogged party animals who were found violating rules put by the president in a bid to fight the spread of COVID-19.

According to our Spear Cops, once the police took charge over Normads bar, the party animals were only left with two options as one either had to get five floggings or be thrown on a patrol pick up and spend the night behind the bars.

On 30th July the president partially eased a 42 days lockdown that was to help curb the raging second wave of covid19 including re-opening of markets, public and private transport but bars are among the many places that still remind locked.

In his statement bars were to remain closed as security was given authority to arrest and charge bar
owners who would breach the rules. Normads bar was victim

Bars remain closed and security should arrest and charge owners who breach this directive. Performing artistes and their concerts are still closed but they can perform virtually,” Museveni said.

Since the pandemic broke out in Uganda in 2020, night clubs and bars have been closed leaving many bar owners operating undercover without observation of the SOPs in order to survive.

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