Popular Ugandan Jargons That Have Followed Us into 2022

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Uganda’s language is so diverse to a point that we keep on dropping a jargons or two to spice up the language further. 2021 certainly manufactured a number of jargons and her are some of them that followed us into 2022:

1. Tusimbudde:

The jargon was born when former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi was announcing the start of his campaign trail and he used the word to mean “we have set off.” Since then, the slogan has been used among youths in Uganda.

2. Mwetegge:

The “rayons” man Sammy Manini ushered us into the New Year with a reminder that everyone must have a partner and therefore we need to set ourselves. That’s how “mwetegge” became a famous slogan and is now used by nearly every one.

3. Eeeh! My Lord I wonder:

Master Charles once used the phase and hence fourth, whoever was trying to express surprise did not have any better words to use rather than those that had been used by him. Therefore, in times of expressing surprise, the words used are “eeeh! My Lord, I wonder.”

4. Ekyase omugenzi:

This jargon was a product of the death announcement reader Geoffrey Jjembe’s catch word, from this, various memes were drafted which have become popular over time and become the country’s favorite slogan of current times.

5. Chilling with the big boys:

Ameno by South Africa’s Amapiano is the reason as to why many of us are vybing to the famous slogan “chilling with the big boys.” The song was actually meant to warn ambitious young boys to stay clean of the older boys who have made it because they many end up being part of many crafty behaviors such as cultism.

Aside from these jargons, many others have been part of our 2021 and have followed us into 2022 including;

  • Eat that money
  • It’s a Friday
  • Gamba n’ogu
  • Njagala vibe
  • Uganda olemwa
  • Tolina kyong’amba
  • Tuli outsidi
  • Rayons
  • Tokisussa
  • Sifila mu gallery
  • Mujooga
  • Sawa yona omusaja akyuka
  • Irizi what irizi

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