Ragga Dee omitted as Jose Chameleone and group ask for 9bn Gulu cash

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KAMPALA – News getting to our desk indicated that, musicians under the umbrella of Uganda Musicians Superstars Association (UMSA) headed by Jose Chameleone has asked for huge sums of money from Gen. Salim Saleh in Gulu.

The letter written to Gen. Salim Saleh says that, the listed musicians are the one that need urgent help from the General’s office. Since they are stake holders in the music industry, and the industry was closed, they needed to be bailed out.

I hereby write to your good office requesting for a stimulus budget for our members following their individual loses registered as a result of closure of the music business. It is our request that this issue is addressed with urgent concern to save the Uganda music industry for our members are crucial stake holders” the letter goes.

However, when we looked at the list of “stake holders”, there was no name like Ragga Dee of which he has been with the whole gang in Gulu for over a week. We keep asking why this had to be so. Here is the full list of those that qualify to get the Gulu money from Gen. Saleh.

Jose Chameleone – 800,000,000, David Lutalo – 420,000,000, Pallaso – 821,000,000, King Saha – 357,000,000, Weasel – 650,000,000, Bebe Cool – 670,000,000, Ziza Bafana – 578,000,000, Winnie Nwagi – 380,000,000, Ronald Mayinja – 462,000,000, Sofia Nantongo – 357,000,000, Chris Evans – 220,000,000, Vinka – 350,000,000, Azawi – 250,000,000.

More on the list are; B2C – 500,000,000, Troops Band Chagga and Henry Tigan – 150,000,000, John Blaq – 350,000,000, Kabako – 172,000,000, Carol Kasita – 100,000,000,  Coco Finger 124,000,000. Also,  Ssekyewa Charles – 285,000,000, Chozen Blood – 120,000,000, Kiwewa Gerrald –  185,000,000,  Da Agent – 159,000,000, Abdul Mulasi – 340,000,000, Abdul Nyugunya – 152,000,000.

Mary Bata to share 92,000,000 and this puts the grand total to 9,471,000,000 (Nine billion Four Hundred Seventy One Million Uganda shillings). This has caused a massive netizens uproar who say that, that is a lot of money to give to a very small fraction of people when all Ugandans are out there starving.

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