Sheebah Karungi Leaves Fans In Shock After Seeing Her Boat Cruise Prices

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Singer Sheebah Karungi leaves fans wondering if they will ever get a chance to cruise in her boat as her prices only favor a certain group of people.

As the Christmas season is getting closer, many people have tried to market their business so that they can get some returns. While on social media, Sheebah Karungi also joined the trend as she called upon people not to miss out the incredible experience with the karma Queen Cruise.

Basing on the her Instagram post, each hour on the boat is 750,000UGX so if one needs to enjoy a maximum of four hours she or he will be paying 3M UGX.

However, with corona virus effects that have drilled holes in people’s pockets. Many people could not process an hour being priced at 750,000 as they kept asking her if she maybe made a mistake in the zeros. As others attacked her saying now that she no longer earns from her music she has decided to steal from people indirectly.

In responding to the negative comments, Sheebah Karungi requested people to stop the nonsense of saying that her prices are high because to some people it’s very cheap. And so she asked those who can not afford to clap hands for those winning until it’s their chance to win.

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