Sheebah Karungi offers Flavia Tumusiime a shoulder to lean on after Kabuura cheating

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As many people on social media are throwing shade and making memes about the incident of
Flavia Tumusiime after her husband Andrew Kabuura cheating with a one Mercy Twinomujuni. Sheebah Karungi has said something.

Knowing how heartbreaking it is to be cheated on by the man you love. Through her Instagram,
Sheebah Karungi, has come out and shown how she is disappointed with all the women trying to
make fun out of this . She says what Flavia is going through is enough at this time and all she
needs is someone to lean on.

Am very disgusted by the way society is disrespecting a very hard working, respectful, brilliant woman like Flavia Tumusiime yet am sure she’s already going through enough. Instead of blaming the person who strays, the world would rather try to figure out why the cheating happened and the place on the women even when it’s wrong. Stop shaming women.” Sheebah Karungi covers up for Falvia after Andrew Kabuura cheating.

I sympathize with you Flavia be strong my friend, they want you to break down and loose it. Don’t give them that satisfaction, you have worked so hard for your crown! You are a
phenomenal woman. God bless you. As for women teething about this. Shame on you” Sheebah ended.

Watch Viral Cheating Video here

However, it should be known that minus the two being friends, Sheebah Karungi is a strong
feminist who will never over look a women being disrespected by any man. This all went wrong after photos and videos of Kabuura cheating landed on social media this morning.

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