Sheila Gashumba Attack Kayz about God’s Plan Saga

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KAMPALA – Sheila Gashumba has bitterly responded to NBS’s Kayz Kawalya after he used her name and photo while reporting about God’s Plan’s alleged rape scandal.

Earlier on Wednesday afternoon, Kayz tweeted stating that God’s Plan had been released from
Kabalagala police station where he had spent some hours after being arrested over rape allegations.

Sheila Gashumba ex-boyfriend Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan released on police bond from Kabalagala Police Station over rape allegations,” read Kayz’s tweet read.

This didn’t go well with Sheila Gashumba who lost her cool and bitterly responded to Kayz’s tweet.
She questioned why Kayz had to use photos of God’s Plan and herself rather than Marcus alone.

According to her, Kayz was chasing clout because her name was being used in a fresh saga yet Marcus is her ex-boyfriend.

Wabula you love clout, so in this whole story, where do I come in, doesn’t he have single photos! If you have the full story give people a full story not using my image and name to build a story I’m not involved in.” Sheila responded.

Sheila Carol Gashumba and God’s plan broke up earlier this year and she moved on with Rickman Manrick and the two seem to be in a happy new relationship.

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