Singeli Music is the only music in Tanzania – Jr Junior

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TANZANIA – Jr Junior a journalist and artists Manager has opened up and said the people of the singeli (musicians) are struggling to fight the music coming out of the country (Tanzania).

I really appreciate the people of Singeli who are aggressive, they are trying very hard to keep up with these other types of music from abroad and singles is the only music apart from hiphop is the music that currently seems to compete with music that comes from abroad and is doing well outside Tanzania.” Jr Junior said in an interview.

Speaking about the Bongo Flava game, he said “there is a huge gap between the artists who are number 1,2,3 and numbers 4,5,6 you can look for them and miss them, so we need that gap to come out first among the artists who make music to sing”

The journalist said that, Bongo Flava artistes have another challenge of copying too much music. He also opened up about HipHop music ‘ saying that in Bongo they do some cool rap that is our rap we are not a lively rap.

You can see the great artistic competition, investment for Rap artists, Stakeholders look at possible
stakeholders contribute to it, Brothers who invest in money should also look at the HipHop family
members are very cool look how they can help them and how they can work with them

If you look at even the Harmonize, Diamonds these people are making a lot of money on this thing that people say can hold back the success of music, but I don’t see it that I see it as a challenge and every artiste who can get in there can do it to make money, because the brains they love to shake their heads to follow you” Jr Junior ended.

He ends by attacking the big boys of the music game in Tanzania and trashes the kind of music (Bongo flava) they do.

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