Singer Akothee defends Governor Mutua divorce

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KENYA – Once Governor Mutua Alfred announced his divorce from ex-wife Lillian, many people came out to criticize the couple. But Singer and socialite Akothee has something to say.

However, Akothee did not join the bandwagon as instead, she came out to defend them from
the venom filled comments the public had been throwing at them since they made the decision
to part ways.

In her defense, she said many people have never even been married yet they still go head to
criticize the governor and his wife. She even went ahead to state that some people are even in
loveless marriage yet they also have the audacity to point fingers.

Furthermore, she reminded them with a lot of sarcasm that for them, it is much cheaper to
spend bundles so as celebrate other people’s failure instead of trying to mend their already
failing relationships.

Conclusively, she reminded people that no one is your friend as she said, “The same people
who never checked on you while you were alive, will come take selfies with your coffin.” Akothee rants.

Social media has turned into a toxic and unfriendly environment especially since most people
keep bullying other. Instead of standing by each other in trying times, people have chosen to
mock each other.

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Let us listen to Akothee’s words today because in deed your friends today’s shall mock you

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