Singer and Hon. Racheal Magoola to form artistes’ caucus in parliament

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KAMPALA – Legendary Obangaina singer Racheal Magoola has revealed that she is in the final stages of forming the first ever artistes’ caucus in the 11th parliament.

The singer turned politician revealed the good news during a Zoom discussion moderated by the
celebrated painter Nuwa Wamala Nnyanzi over the Weekend and also revealed that she intends to
advocate for a ministry of arts.

The singer who is the current Bugweri Woman Member of Parliament in the current term and she is
now rooting for unification of artistes that have made it to parliament as legislators with an intention to unite for the development of the entertainment industry.

According to Racheal Magoola, all legislators who derive their fame from the entertainment and media industry should priotize the rights of the arts since they now have the platform.

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The 11th parliament is already infested with artistes like Geoffrey Lutaya, Hillary Kiyaga aka Dr.
Hilderman, Kayemba Solo and Derrick Orone, who are both artiste managers plus prominent journalists Joyce Bagala and Agnes Nandutu who can stir the caucus for the betterment of the arts industry incase it is formed.

Great move Racheal Magoola, make the dream come true. Keep it Daily Spear, we got you covered East Africa wise.

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