Singer Pallaso Set to Release Two Stunning Videos

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Pius Mayanja who is popularly known by his stage name Pallaso is set to excite his fans by dropping two stunning videos.

In a recent tweet, Pallaso asks his dedicated fan base which of his songs they would love to watch first in between “Katonda” and “Bareke Abo.” Surely, the singer has a unique way of ushering us into the year of 2022.

While asking his fans which of the music videos he should release first, Pallaso went on to inform that his priority lies with his fans and whatever they select shall be delivered to them in top notch condition just like all his previous projects.

“Which video should I release first KATONDA or Bareke Abo?? Public opinion matters 100%,” Pallaso said.

Basing on the tallies coming in from his tweet, majority of his fan base seems to be prioritizing the ‘Katonda” option which according to them is much better since we always have to prioritize God in whatever we are doing.

“Since we should put God first in whatever we do, first do Katonda,” said Romantic Muganda and his comment was right away followed by another saying, “Wise selection, nange kyembadde ndowoza.”

Although a number of people went with the “Bareke Abo” option, they were minority as compared to the dominant “Katonda” option that flooded the comment section. From this observation, we can certainly tell which song is more likely to be released.

As we await the dropping of the two stunning hits, we can be sure that “Katonda” shall come first since we need have to put God first throughout this year, 2022. Stay tuned and wait to be amazed once both the music videos get here.

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