Singer Roden Y Kabako Sick as Busabala land wrangle escalates

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Singer Yusuf Ssenabulya well known as Roden Y Kabako is reportedly bedridden and has been admitted in hospital for treatment amidst unending Busabala land wrangle.

According to a video posted on social media by Kabako’s wife Jazira Ddumuna, Kabako is seen
unconsciously laying on a hospital bed ,receiving medication. It has been alleged that he had a heart
attack on learning that his building on Busabala land had been put down.
In the same video, Ddumuna reveals that her husband lost appetite for food and he keeps vomiting even the little he tries to eat a situation that is worrying her.

The singer’s courageous wife this time round sounded frightened by her husbands health condition and admitted that she has never at any moment seen Roden Y Kabako in such a condition for the eight years they have been together.

She also called upon Kabako’s fans, friends and followers to join hands in prayer for her husbands fast

My husband needs your prayers coz right now is in a bad condition. Pliz pray for him” Ddumuna posted

Roden Y Kabako has for months been involved in land wrangles over a plot of land in Busabala and he accuses chairman Ntuyo and Hajjat for stealing the piece of land yet it belongs to him and He vowed to fight tooth and nail to regain it.

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However things seem not to being on his side as his last update about the land showed that his new
building was demolished and the land was fenced by chairman Ntuuyo and Hajjat with whom they are fighting for the piece of land.

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