South Sudan marks 10th independence, hopes for better

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SOUTH SUDAN: Friday 5th marked South Sudan 10th independence anniversary. And the people of this world’s youngest country hope for a complete political stability after years of violence and civil strife.

During the past decade, the oil-rich country has been mired in a civil war that has killed tens of thousands of people, corruption and a deteriorating humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, the country is struggling to recover from the still spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

Nancy Victor, a 32-year-old mother of three who teaches at the Bishop Mazzolidi Memorial Basic School based in the capital city of Juba, said she was optimistic about the arrival of a new era of peace and cohesion.

While In an interview about the 10th  South Sudan independence, Nancy said that, her hope and expectations stem from the recent rebound of the economy after years of hyperinflation caused by conflicts that reduced earnings from oil revenue.

It should be however noted that, the Political disputes broke out in December, 2013 between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar, creating one of the fastest-growing refugee crises in the world.

“We are now tired of war and are praying for a peace deal to be implemented,” he said, expressing hope for enough food and medical supplies” Francis a netizen remarked.

South Sudan remain locked up amid two pandemics, those are, COVID-19 and the political instability. We hope things change for the better some day.

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