Tanzania Priest Babu wa Loliondo confirmed dead, cause of his death revealed

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  • -Mr Dudui said Babu wa Loliondo fell ill last week and was taken to a hospital where he was examined
  • - Between then and 2012, he administered the concoction to millions of people, including Kenyans who journeyed that far in search of cures for serious illnesses like HIV/AIDS and Cancer using herbs
  • -He is a former clergy who retired to start his healing journey a decade ago until he died
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TANZANIA – Renown self-proclaimed Tanzanian healer and retired clergyman Ambilikile Mwasapile
popularly known as Babu wa Loliondo has been confirmed dead.

Reports indicate that the former preacher’s life came to an end towards the end of yesterday at
an Arusha based health center where he had been rushed for medical attention shortly after
suffering a sudden illness.

According to his side Paul Dudui, indeed the old man Babu wa Loliondo kicked the bucket at the end of Friday after a fortnight of suffering terrible pneumonia related illnesses which also entailed vomiting.

It’s true that mzee is dead. We are currently waiting for his remains to be brought to Wasso Hospital mortuary (Ngorongoro District),” Paul Dudui the deceased’s second in command confirmed the sad news.

At the time of Babu wa Loliondo death, Ambilikile Mwasapile had clocked the age of 86 and was widely known for his healing ability which extends to some of the world’s most feared diseases such as HIV/AIDs.

However, his journey to fame started exactly a decade ago in 2010 when he came out and
declared to the world that he had successfully found the cure to life threatening illnesses such
as Cancer, HIV and diabetes.

This made him highly sought right after as even patients from as far as Kenya trekked the
lengthy journey just to have a taste of Loliondo’s secret magic charm in hope of recovery from
one the terrible illnesses.

Two years after the retired Lutheran Pastor Babu wa Loliondo had become enormously famous, it is believed that his net worth greatly increased as he simply kept on fetching fortunes far beyond what he ever earned before.

But that was the climax of his reign for the curve after took a downward curve and to him, this
was a product of the dismissive propaganda that was spread against his cure by medical doctors
and Non-governmental organizations.

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As his life comes to an end, we pray that Babu wa Loliondo rests in eternal peace.

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