Teachers Cry Out Over Low Salaries As Schools Open

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Ugandan schools have been under lock and key for over the last two years which means it was meant to be a relief when the head of state President Museveni opened up schools starting the 10th of January 2022.

Unfortunately, many of the teachers have been left in agony as private school owners are offering peanuts for their salaries which cannot sustain their individual and family needs as most of them are family bread winners.

Many of the schools offering employment to the teachers are offering a payment range in between UGX 200,000 and UGX 300,000 that is only a drop in the ocean as compared to their endless needs.

One teacher who preferred anonymity stated that when he first started his teaching career in 2000, he earned UGX 200,000 per month and transport from town to Kireka was only UGX 500.

Twenty-two years later, he is offered a job where the transport fee will cost his UGX 4000 yet his monthly salary will still stand at UGX 200,000.

This only implies that despite the changing economic times in the country, teachers are only given peanut salary which are meant to facilitate their everyday needs and match up with the ever growing economic hurdles.

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