The truth about leaked Aisha Lee photos and video revealed

It is more than what we all see or think, it is more deeper than Tweeter and mere heresy. Ndawula is in a hot pot and Aisha Lee is boiling already. Let us go down the facts

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KAMPALA – Twitter went awash after the release of Aisha Lee’s n#de pictures and videos by allegedly the 50 year old Stanley Ndawula who is allegedly close friends with Asha Lee. However, this story has created a lot of controversy amongst Tweeps, and here we have gone deep into it to reveal the truth.

At first, Tweeps decided to report the Twitter account of Stanley so that it gets banned from the social net work, then again the guns were pointed to Stanley himself and to deal with him. But again, before we got down the hills, we got another group defending Stanley, saying that his account was hacked and that of Aisha Lee to release her pictures and videos.

According to the screenshot we landed on by our Spear cops, it is alleged that the account that was reported that belonged to Stanley was hacked days before the release of the videos and pictures happened and it belonged to a one Jamal. Jamal is explaining in this screenshot that his account was hacked and he wanted it retrieved.

The story goes on and suggests that, after Jamal’s account was hacked into, the hacker changed everything on it and named it Stanley Ndawula. The movie started from here now. The account of ‘Ndawula’ the started to ask for sumbie from Aisha Lee which she declined to adhere to.

The account started to threaten that if she didn’t give in leg, she was to be exposed badly. Something that Stanley later on did. But if it was Stanley at work, would he hack the account from Jamal and the rename it to his name?


Well, when we landed on all this, we decided to follow the story to the website it was published on called the Investigator News. We then found out something fishy! The website was duplicated and the domain was altered. How? The original Investigator News the authentic website has its domain with a lowercase “i” at the start of investigator, but this website has an uppercase “I” at the start of Investigator.

More so, when you try reaching the original website that belongs to the real Stanley Ndawula it shows a security error 1020 which means that the owner denies anyone to access it. Which consequently means, it was hacked also to create gap for the duplicated site to appear.

This means that this was a planned move for a good time before the attack was launched. So let us go down to the next important question.

Viral Video

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Well, our Spear cops also landed on screenshots that are from the original Stanley Ndawula account where he was pleading to Ugandans to also fight for him as they fight for Aisha Lee whose photos and videos were leaked.

Stanley says he is being framed by a top tycoon in town and that he had taken a huge time to attack him through an online blog called Equator News. We took time to visit the website and we clearly saw the website itself has personal issues with Ndawula. That can be told by the more than 20 stories it has written about him, ill talking the journalist and calling him all sorts of names.

But again, if Stanley Ndawula is an extortionist, why is that he is not in jail or court? According to Equator News stories, the man in question would be behind bars battling more than 10 cases. But we have not to lose our sober minds as well, anything can happen with us people, but still, according to the age of Stanley, if he wanted Aisha Lee, he would approach her direct they talk than asking for her leg.

But still again, when you check the owner of the numbers shared in the conversation between Aisha and Ndawula, it is registered under his name! That is where things went wrong. Keep it Daily Spear.

Aisha Lee photos

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