Top most influential women in Kenya 2021

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KENYA – Once it comes to media, Kenya surely has a right to boost as it known for producing some of the continent’s most sought for and celebrated media personalities such as Jeff Koinage and many
others. List of most influential female women in Kenya 2021.

Today, our focus shall be on four of the most sought and celebrated Kenyan female personalities.

Caroline Mutuku

most influential women kenya 2021

To start off the list is Caroline Mutuku. The 48-year-old mother of one surely is one of the most
beautiful and listened to media personalities. Her days back at Kiss 100 FM definitely
contributed to her career journey greatly as she always articulated her points and was known
for tackling the most controversial topics.

Her courage goes even beyond her work as a media personality within the confines of the
studio as she always advocates for human rights especially for the most marginalized groups of

Years after she stepped into mainstream media, her voice still reaches boundaries far beyond
her grasp and her views are still highly sought especially in debates that address the most fundamental topics.

Sophie Ikenya

most influential women kenya 2021

Starting out as an intern at Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC), Sophie Ikenya’s media
journey was surely destined for the skies considering her hard work and enthusiasm for her job.
While working with local media houses, she was attacked to stations such as Citizen TV, NTV

In 2009, an opportunity presented itself in which BBC sought African news reporters from selected countries among which Kenya appeared. Makes it to the list of most influential women in Kenya 2021.

Sophie applied and lucky she was chosen to work as a news reporter for BBC’s Focus on Africa. She has also covered a number of events such as the 2011 Nigerian Presidential elections, the
Libya crisis and the 2013 Kenyan elections.

Through handing such exceptional events, she has been able to interview over 10 African
Presidents as well as other notable figures on the continent.

In 2017, she was also recognized among the 100 most influential young Africans and also
among the 100 most influential Kenyans.

Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru

most influential women kenya 2021

The 49-year-old Julie Gichuru is in deed versatile as she not only a media personality but also into
the fashion world and also an entrepreneur. Over time, she has become a communication
specialist in the fields of print, television and radio.

With the knowledge she had accumulated from media, she now runs the Acumen
Communication Limited as an independent director and is also a fellow and trustee of the
African Leadership Initiative East Africa. Also on the list of most influential women in Kenya 2021.

Zain Verjee

most influential women in kenya

Previously, Zain Verjee worked with the CNN as an anchor and a correspondent before
venturing into the world of Communications and creative Entrepreneurship. Upon joining the
world of communication, she started her own Zain Verjee Group.

The communications company has flourished and has worked with some of the world’s most
renown companion in relation to their communications and public relations.

Some of the companies it has worked with include Bloomberg media, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Equity Group Foundation of Kenya, World Health Organization, the MiSK foundation and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Certainly these ladies have been in position to defy the odds and societal stereotypes that
women cannot make it as they have risen to the peak of success especially in the media sphere. Makes it to number on on the list of most influential women in Kenya 2021.

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