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“Tubatiisa” Azawi Reveals Yet To Be Dropped Single

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Azawi has revealed that one of her yet to be released songs to feature in her “African Music”
album 2021 shall be titled “tubatiisa.”

Loosely translated as “we are scaring you,” close to nothing is known about the song aside from
the fact that its time is that and shall feature in her alum which shall be dropping this Saturday
the 9th of October 2021.

Tubatiisa shall also come along with fifteen other songs whose details have yet to be released such as the lyrics that inspired the title. Therefore, sitting and watching the space seems like all we have for

Among the sixteen songs on this album, “slow dancing” has already be released and now it is
busting on every turn and corner in the country. It has become so famous to a point that one
TikTok challenge is based on it.


Many factors can be addressed as the reason as to why the song is famous but anyone with a sane
music taste would speak of the lyrics and not forgetting the wonderful video that has eye-
catching dancers and dance moves.

This only feels like the tip of the iceberg as the album seems to have more and more surprises in
store for us which we truly can’t wait but tune in to watch. So as 9th October 2021 draws closer by
every second, so does our urge to devour the contents of this yet to be dropped album and listen to Tubatiisa.

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