Tuition Structures for Top 10 Marketable Courses at Makerere University

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As the scramble to the university starts since the private sponsorship lists are yet to be produced, you may wonder what the tuition structure of your ideal course is. Worry no more, today we shall explore the tuition structures for the top 10 most marketable courses at Makerere University.

Bachelor of Commerce:

The three year course comes along with options such as accounting, finance & banking, marketing and insurance. Private students, East African students and refugees cash in UGX 1,703,308 per semester while international students are expected to pay UGX 2,555,070.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics:

Similarly, this business course is also studied and completed in a time period of three years. Students who are nationals and privately sponsored alongside East African students and refugees pay UGX 1,596,919 while international students pay UGX 2,235,686 per semester.

Bachelor of Arts in Education:

Most courses under this program irrespective of the subjects you are going to major in ran for a span of three years. During this time period, Ugandans, East Africans and refugees will be expected to pay UGX 1,022,028 while international students pay UGX 1,533,042.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering:

This happens to be one of the few courses at the university that rans for a time period of four years. During this four years, students that are either from Uganda, East African or refugees in the country are expected to pay UGX 1,756,611 and as for international students, the tuition stands at UGX 2,714,762.

Bachelor of Laws:

School of Law at Makerere University has only one course to offer, the Bachelor of Laws. The four year prestigious course has its tuition structure at UGX 1,916,303 for Ugandans, East Africans and refugees and UGX 2,459,255 for international students.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science:

Despite being a three year course, it is still one of the most expensive courses. While nationals, East Africans and refugees will be paying a tune of UGX 1,916,303, international students will be expected to pay UGX 2,874,454 per semester.

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine:

Among the 5 year courses at the university is Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. Just as the course is lengthy, the tuition fees are also higher than those of many other courses. Ugandans, East Africans and refugees pay UGX 2,044,056 and international students pay UGX 3,406,760.

Bachelor of Journalism and Communication:

Aside from Bachelor of Laws, this is the only other 4 year Arts course at the Ivory Tower. Students from within the country, the East African region and refugees will be paying a sum of UGX 1,490,458 and the international cohort will be paying UGX 1,916,303.

Bachelor of Business Administration:

Students doing this course have options which include procurement, entrepreneurship, human resource management and international business. This doesn’t deter the tuition standards as home born students from Uganda, East Africa or even refugees pay UGX 1,749,006 while international students pay UGX 2,661,531.

Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology:

Usually abbreviated as BIST, the ICT related course also comes at a relatively high price. Private, East African and refugee students pay UGX 2,116,000 whereas international students pay UGX 3,107,875.

Conclusively, these are the tuition fees that will be expected of you especially if you plan on taking on one of the above mentioned courses while pursuing your Bachelors’ degree at Makerere University.

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