Tweeps React to Viral Keko Video

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After the video of the intoxicated faded rapper Keko appeared on social media, many tweeps came out to react to the situation.

Keko is a famous rapper in the Ugandan population and has worked on a number of projects with music stars in the Ugandan industry and even musicians from other countries. However, about a decade ago, she went silent and it was rumored that she was undergoing rehabilitation.

Years after a silent spell from Keko, she returned in a heart breaking live video on social media where she looks like she has spent ages without receiving any sort of self-care and has befriended the bottle which she holds tightly in her hands.

The worrying state in which the celebrity is right away warranted attention from tweeps who came out to comment saying;

Keko live on Instagram is so heart breaking. We need to have more candid conversations on life, drug abuse and depression.

However, according to one Faisal, Ugandans are hypocrites who are only acting like they love Keko right now yet during her years of agony and depression, they only scorned her and even used homophobic terms to describe her.

“People legit ignored Keko when she was depressed & even called her a homosexual but watch everyone pretend to pay attention to her drug addiction now…Ugandans are A-Class hypocrites,” commented a disappointed Engineer Faisal.

Keko in Viral Video

Sheilah C Gashumba on the other hands calls out to people to lend a helping hand out to her as she says, “Somebody needs to help Keko!! If you go on Instagram and watch her live video, you will stay away from drugs!!”

Despite all the comments and reactions that arose from this act, the most essential thing to do is to stand with Keko as she goes through this trying time and also to stand together in the fight against drugs because they can kill and ruin your life.

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