Tycoon Fred Vunjabei advises young entrepreneurs

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Young businessman and entrepreneur Fred Ngajiro, known as Fred Vunjabei, gives enough advice to
the youths who want to get involved in business, asking them not to give up on trying and not to give up on their dreams.

Let’s talk a little; Many people like to do business but are disappointed. You may have tried the business and failed, but that is not the problem at all, you have already passed the test that many fail to start & If you do not know you are the best of many who fail even to try” Fred Vunkabei wrote on his Social media accounts.

It should be noted that, in 2015, Forbes conducted a study on the failure of a new business (Start ups) they said 90% of new businesses fall within five years, and 20% fall within the first year. The main reasons are many if you do not know the market well so you do not have the right product.

For example, a few years ago before FRED VUNJABEI tried a clothing business that lasted only three months after partying with my friend at Kinondoni Studio. It is more asserted that, the small shop was next to Models Collection, the business was bad my friend sold the shop without telling Fred and ran away.

Fred Vunjabei remembers that, he later on decided to do some small business, he planned but three years later he went back to clothes and started Kariakoo remembering where he was wrong at first.

I wish more young people decided to do business. When you say you will start tomorrow and the fear you are developing is very wrong there is a day when you will blame yourself and say why we did not tell you” Fred Ngajiro noted.

Remember when you come to talk about Young billionaires and young entrepreneurs in Tanzania you
can stop mentioning Fred VunjaBei who is the Leader of the VunjaBei group as well as the President.

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