Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel threatens Diana Nabatanzi over leaked video

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KAMPALA – Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has threatened Ex-girlfriend Diana Nabatanzi claiming she is responsible for leaking his private photos and video making rounds on social media.

While defending himself in a tweet, the yappy businessman Lwasa Emmanuel revealed that he can not be ashamed in that way and promised to go for Diana Nabatanzi following the leaked video of Lwasa.

I know Diana Nabatanzi you have been behind all of this photshoped video of me going on around social media but I’m also coming for you. Nze Lwasa siswazibwa swazimbwa ntyo!” Lwasa’s tweet mentioned.

Amidst attacks from people mocking the small size of his gun, Lwasa Emmanuel defended himself saying he doesn’t need a big or long one because he is not a grave digger. He continues to receive shame after his leaked video and the men’s fraternity says, Lwasa disappointed all of them.

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Over the weekend, a video in which a man believed to be the tycoon made rounds on social media, with many mocking the tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel for having such a small manhood yet he is good at bad mouthing others especially Diana Nabatanzi.

Lets us see where this ends, Keep it Daily Spear, your number one East Africa’s news spot.

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