Uganda Artistes Roasted over Singer Mantani Death

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South Sudan music fanatics have roasted Ugandan musicians over failure to acknowledge the
death of their top rapper, songwriter, artiste and Hardlife Avenue boss Mantani.

The fire was sparked after Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda too to his Facebook account to
eulogize the fallen singer. In his post, he spoke of how he had just learnt of the tragic happening
and was deeply sorrowed.

Additionally, Ykee Benda spoke of how hospitable Mantani had been as he always ensured that
all Ugandan artists who paid a visit to South Sudan were tried with great care and enjoyed their
stay in the Northern neighbor.

Just learnt about the death of a South Sudanese brother and singer Mantani, he was an
amazing soul that loved art and welcomed Ugandan artists when they go to South Sudan. this is very sad and I pray that God strengthens his family and the people of South Sudan,” read Ykee Benda’s post.

However, it was upon this sorrow dripping post that South Sudanese based to roast the living
day out of Ugandan singers who did not join them while they were mourning one of their top

In the comment section, it started off with a comment such as “Ugandan Artists are so
heartless, this Legend (Star) Mantani died some 3 days ago of a car accident and no big artiste from Uganda shows up for contributions or even a mere condolence,” from one Da Chozen which was right away followed by comments filled with venom.

One of the comments indicated that our brothers in the North had mourned the death of Radio
like he was their very own unlike Ugandan artists who decided not to say thing about their
tragic loss.

I read a Sudanese comment sometimes two days back claiming that when the late Radio & Weasel died, almost the whole Sudan played his songs and they were mourning with us, but there’s has died and none of the Ugandan artists has even posted him!!!

As if that was not a sting hard enough, another commenter went on to categorize the tribute as
mockery for in deed it was meant to have consoled the South Sudanese, it should have come

In this case..never is better than late.. because it becomes a mockery not a condolence. Thank you Ugandans we have learnt our lessons.. RIP Mantani,” one Wira Rambs Rami rushed on to say shortly after.

When things seemed to have been getting out of hand, Ykee Benda tried to jump in, in a bid to
make amends with the fuming South Sudanese. In his comment, he informed that the Ugandan
music industry did not get ahold of the information through any news outlets until two days
later. He also extended their most sincere apologies.

Guys what’s going on here?? Is it bad to post a brother? Got news about his death today from a South Sudanese friend. I’m told he died a few days back and I had to post him as soon as I got the information. Is that bad? Someone tell me where the bitterness comes from, I just don’t get it,” Ykee Benda explained in his post.

But all this was in vain as the extremely angry music fans concluded all Ugandan artists even
wanted from their country was the money every single time they went to perform rather than
to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood.

We shall not allow Ugandan artists anymore in our country. We’ve found out you only want our money not brotherhood. In fact mutukuula bukuuzi. RIP MANTANI,” said a Facebook user who goes by Valued Commenter.

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During the covid-19 lockdown, many Ugandan artists such as Lydia Jazmine, Fresh Kid, Vinka,
Chameleon to mention but a few have sought refuge in South Sudan as they keep in going for
performances in hopes to keep their financial muscles in tact.

However, with the recent developments, it’s a question whether they’ll be welcome to South Sudan soon again.

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