Ugandan girl who was body shamed lands herself loaded “musama.”

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The ways of life are never predictable and just like the seasons come and go, so do our troubles
in life. Just like the famous book title “tough times never last but tough do,” here is the story of
a Ugandan girl that landed herself a bag of gold.

Back in 2015, a Ugandan girl was subject to criticism following a Facebook post in which she
was a brief short and tank top. Many people came out to criticize not only her dress code but
also her body.

However, the same picture that made her subject of shame and being dragged through the
mad attracted a white man that worked east and west to ensure that he got the girl whose
picture earned fame on the blue app.

Once laying his hands upon the girl, he had his mind made up and could not help but grasp her
tightly in his fives. He even went an extra mile to invite her to live with him in the states as his

Six years down the road, while many Ugandans are nursing the massive impacts of the
lockdown, the same Ugandan girl that was subject to social media (Facebook) bullying walked down the aisle with her knight in a shinning armor.

Ugandans surely have learnt the art of cyber bullying in all kinds of angles as they have certainly
become the judge and jury of every single picture that goes up every single social media

The social media bullying surely has no boundaries as even Ugandan celebrities are victims with
people like Spice Diana and Sheila C Gashumba coming out to ask for the social media by
standers to take it slow.

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Even the world at large is battling the same vice as singer Dua Lipa was during the first
lockdown pushed beyond breaking point over multiple criticisms in relation to her dance

Hopefully we shall learn from learns such as these that social media surely is a free republic
were growth does not thrive on victimizing others but rather focusing on what we think matters
to us the most.

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