Ugandans Decry The Nasty Smell Of “Kaveeras”

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Many Ugandans have come out to complain about the nasty smell of the “kaveeras” that have been recently manufactured in the country.

In the East African country, the most popular mechanism of packaging food stuffs and other commodities after purchase is in polythene bags which have come to be known locally as “kaveeras.”

Although the government has countlessly tried to abolish the use of the harmful polythene through campaigns like “tuveku kaveera” which can easily be translated as “let us abandon polythene bags, “it has failed greatly.

This could be attributed to the fact that although various campaigns are being passed around by the government to discourage Ugandans from using the harmful polythene bags, the manufacture of the “kaveeras” in the country has never stopped hence feeding them into the available market.

Recent reports indicate that despite the recurrent manufacture of “kaveeras” in the country, the quality of polythene bags has greatly dropped as they have a terrible smell which could scare one away from whatever food stuff they have bought.

A prominent journalist Daniel Lutaaya came out and questioned the national quality control body, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) what could have wrong with the manufacture process as the strange smell is extremely worrying.

“I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but waliwo obuveera bwa black obuwunya obubi. Bakuteramu emere ne appetite negenda. Uganda National Bureau of Standards Weyayu? How did these get in the market?” he challenged.

In his statement, he complains on the nasty smell and right away calls out UNBS for staying silent and letting such a product get on the market at such a time.

His concerns sparked an argument with the majority of people agreeing with his while the other section of the debaters believe that this could be a tactic meant to discourage Ugandans from using the “kaveeras” they have been avidly discouraged from consuming.

“Maybe it’s one strategy to stop you guys from using buveera. I have experienced it as we and since then I have tried to decline being packed stuff in them always,” one Hubert expressed his view on the “kaveera” crisis.

Even if UNBS is yet to say anything about the smelly polythene bags, this could probably be the perfect strategy meant to discourage Ugandans from using the extremely harmful products for both their health and the environment at large.

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