Weasel beats up houseboy and breaks his leg

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KAMPALA – It appears like singer Douglas Mayanja well known as Weasel is in much trouble after reports indicate that he severely punched his house boy identified as Kaweesi and left him hospitalized with a fractured leg.

According to Kaweesi’s mother who appeared on local television NBS TV’s UNCUT show, Weasel battered her son while tipsy after the two had a disagreement on Monday night leaving his son with a fractured leg, a wounded head and other injuries.

She revealed that they were charged 5 million shillings for the host scan and treatment to have have her son attended to. While on her knees, Kaweesi’s mother cried out to the Mayanja brothers to come out and take responsibility of their brother actions since she cannot afford the hospital bill charged for her son’s treatment.

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Ever since singer and half of the Goodlyf duo Radio Mowzey passed on, Weasel hasn’t been associated with violence until two weeks ago when allegations were made that he was involved in a fierce fight with fellow star King Saha at Neverland.

By the time of publishing this story, we had not ascertained whether Weasel agreed to take full responsibility of his actions or not. Keep it Daily Spear, we get you covered.

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