Who are Kataleya and Kandle, Uganda’s Latest Female Music Duo

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Driven by their passion for music, the young talented ladies Kataleya and Kandle have certainly taken the music industry by its horns dropping hit after hit which has left Ugandans stunned and yearning for more and more music hits.

Although the two are inseparable like two pods of peas, they come from to diverse backgrounds and their binding factor has been their melodious voices as well as their passion for music which neither the girls can resist.

Kataleya bio

Kataleya was born on the 19th of December shortly before Christmas. She belongs to the alumni community of Apostolic Primary School in Mengo which she graduated from to join Noah’s Ark Rubaga where she studied her high school.

Kandle bio

Kandle on the other side is a February baby as she was born on the 22 nd of February. She attended primary level education at Bunamwaya C/U Primary School from which she joined Kyambogo College to study her high school level of education.

Once the girls discovered that they shared a passion in music, they connected like magnets.

Despite being limited by financial constraints, they still pulled through and their talent saw them gaining prominence and attention in a short time.

Currently, the girls are signed to the Theron Music label which has nurtured into the music industry and their songs have become increasing famous on various social media platforms especially TikTok.

Recently, the duo released their “Do me” duet which currently has a TikTok challenged being made out of its infamous dance moves and this has only grown their fame like a gasoline lit burning bush.

Their success can also be attributed to their manager Lord Elektra who has helped them grab everyone’s attention firstly from always miming their songs and crafting dance moves which make everyone want to be affiliated to them.

As they venture into their music journey, we wish them success and hope that they will soon become the next big thing. However, not just in Uganda but all over the world since their voices deserve to be heard absolutely everyone.

DO ME – Kataleya and Kandle [Official Video]

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