Why Did Irene Ntale Leave Swangz? Was Because of You? Faridah Questions Vinka

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During Friday 3rd December’s episode of “mwasuze mutya,” Faridah Nakaibwe tackled the question that has been on people’s minds for a long time, was Vinka the reason as to why Irene Ntale quit Swangz Avenue.

For years now, the question has lingered on people’s minds and it even caused some bit of bad blood and antagonism to Vinka when she had just started her career as many people pointed fingers at her and even acquired her of being behind Irene’s departure from record label Swangz Avenue.

Although a lot of water has passed under the bridge, the question never got the long needed attention until yesterday when Faridah laid all the pieces out for us. While responding, Vinka said;

“Honestly, I do not know. I never got an explanation. One day I thought things were going well, the next day she left. This was after our collabo, stylo. One day I’ll find out why.”

She went on to explain that when her music career had just kicked off, her musical voice hadn’t been established yet and while she was still on her baby steps of figuring out things, she was greatly criticized and told she would never match up to Irene Ntale’s standard.

As though that was not enough, she was even body shamed as time and again, they said she was too skinny and had nothing reasonable to offer. All this was attributed to the fact that the popular belief that she was the reason Irene Ntale departed from Swangz Avenue.

To date, Irene Ntale’s departure remains a mystery as she silently left without an explanation and even though Vinka came out to share her point of view, it is still a blank end of Irene Ntale’s side as she still chooses to stay silent even after all this time.

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