Why It Is Essential To Use The Cinnamon Spice Often

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The cinnamon spice maybe one of those spices you either over look or better yet, haven’t paid attention to while making your meals. You could either sprinkle your cinnamon powder over your food, take it with honey or use it as a beverage in your drinks.

In case you have been wondering what the fuss about cinnamon is, here are some important reason as to why you should cinnamon to your diet;

Cinnamon reduces inflammation. Inflammations are usually common and we know that in most times they come along with severe pains. Hence since it is a known fact that cinnamon reduces inflammation, there’s no doubt that consuming it comes along with benefits of reducing soreness as well as inflammation induced pains.

Secondly, it has more antioxidant activity than garlic. Usually, antioxidant elements help in protecting your body through lowering on the possible impact of oxidative damage from the free radicles that are in one’s cells.

Furthermore, studies on cinnamon indicate that it has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity in muscles and fat tissues. This is very important for people suffering from type 2-diabetes since it increases the uptake of glucose and also improves glycogen synthesis in the liver.

Additionally, studies have indicated that cinnamon has the capability to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as slowing down on the growth of cancerous cells in the human body.

Hence this explains why it is important for one to include cinnamon spice in their meal today and limit on their chances of lowering their immunity.

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