Why Traditional Media is Highly Sought in Comparison to New Media

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Media is one of the most dynamic elements in society, with every change that society embraces, media changes and takes on a new shape. Initially, traditional media which includes radio, television and newspapers were the only source of information.

However, with the birth of the World Wide Web or rather the internet came social media platforms and now, no matter where you are, you can always learn about what is happening elsewhere. Despite its flexibility, social media platforms like blogs, websites and many more have failed to capture the hearts of many people and these are some reasons as to why;

Lack of the concept of truth telling. Many people that break news on social media do not bother to verify whether the information is true or false. Due to this, whatever news that is broken on social media always forces people to do a background check just to ensure that it is true.

Certainly, the authenticity is sought through traditional media which makes it far much valuable.

Failure to adhere to journalistic standards. Many of the bloggers are doing the journalism work but they have certainly failed to adhere to the principles of journalism. For example, did you know that it is disrespectful to take a picture of a deceased person and share it to media outlets?

Or did you know that the usage of someone’s work, picture or recording without their consent or attributing the works to the original owner could tantamount to plagiarism, crime punishable by the law.

Online journalism has crossed these boundaries which therefore makes it hard for one to get original content hence driving the audiences further and further away from new media and towards traditional media that they have grown to trust.

Over usage of the copy and paste feature. Many of the bloggers produce similar content only substituting words with their synonyms and producing similar articles at the end of the day to an extent that you can predict what shall be written next or how the strong shall be concluded.

Traditional media on the other hand has the leverage of flexibility. They can easily angle their tories in different points of view which keep on drawing people in to learn about the news story that is currently trending or making rounds. No wonder, new media is still lagging behind as compared to traditional media.

Concepts such as these are the reasons as to why majority of the persons that visit new media always run back to traditional media just to make sure that the information they carry on and share is indeed true and authentic.

Therefore, people that have decided to use new media to spread and break news ought to up their game so as to ensure that they can catch up with traditional media or try to match the standards that were initially set.

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