Pia Pounds Returns in “Wuuba” Single

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Twende Tuupate singer Pia Pounds returns in 2022 “Wuuba” single which is set to skyrocket and capture the attention of worldwide stars.

In the song, she’s calling upon people to dance and enjoy the music since they shall keep on producing more and more music for them to enjoy and vibe to. Aside from that, the song features a variety of concepts.

Even her love for God is portrayed in the song as she speaks of getting on her knees to pray to the Almighty to guide her through. Not forgetting how she declares her love for rice and her willingness to spend her last penny on it.

Although Wuuba has been released only recently, it is already showing props of hitting the very top and going beyond many songs that have been produced in the past. Celebrities like NTV The Beats’ Lynda Ddane have already started quoting some of the notable lyrics from the song.

This only shows how likely the song is to make presence even beyond the country’s borders just like her 2021 “tupaate” song did. No wonder to won a number of awards including the song of the year award.

Basing on her past successes, you can be sure that in deed Pia Pounds shall make it far as attributed to her talent and hard work. Just in case you have not listened to the song, makes sure you get it and be ready to be stunned.

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