Ykee Benda begs president Museveni to open shows

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Renowned singer Wyclif Tugume aka Ykee Benda has cried out to President Museveni to give a chance to artistes to perform and bond with their fans.

“The voice so tender” now feels like artists have too many hits and yet they are not allowed to perform them for their lovely fans who are supporting them. It’s with that reason that the singer tweeted suggesting that a month be given to artists so that they get to perform and see their fans.

Mr. President please release us Even if it’s just for one month ….Nze gumala, too many
hits I want to see my fans @KagutaMuseveni” Ykee Benda said. Ykee Benda is one of the artistes who are doing well musically this year following the release of his second album dubbed Kirabo which has been well received and appreciated by his fans.

However due to the pandemic, many sectors including the music industry were closed in a bide to tame the spread of COVID-19 and artistes haven’t got the chance to perform all the hit songs they have since the pandemic started. So ever since, Ugandan artistes have been hit to the wall without shows and having constant bills to foot.

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