Rapper Ghafla Bin Vuu opens about his Zaman July Album 2021

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TANZANIA – Rapper from Tanzania Ghafla Bin Vuu opens about the time he spent preparing his latest Zaman July Album 2021. The singer says, he invested enough time into it, and he hopes the World to groove and love it all the way.

In his words, the singer Ghafla Bin Vuu says that it took him more than three years to put together his album. Zaman July Album is one of the most sought for pieces in Tanzania currently and it has redefined the position of the singer musically.

I’ve put a big dedication on the album, so all the songs should be number one, if they are only the top 22 songs, will come from other artists but the whole Zaman July Album had to go into it.” the rapper Ghafla Bin Vuu quips.

The rapper Ghafla Bin Vuu also added that, he only wished some artistes featured on the album and he again says that, it is not too late, they will feature of the next project.

There are many artists I wished to be there like Conboi I wish he was there, DamiansolI wished he was there I think they are the only ones but the next project they will be there are just my people we meet we are talking” Ghafla asserted.

Talking about the album still, he also closed that the song he did with Bilnas is the dance he spent most of the time until he finished. Even though it was the first dance he did before it all goes by the
name of Silali Leo.

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Still again, the rapper Ghafla Bin Vuu also promises to release enough videos from this Zaman July 2021 album with the exception of the two he has already released which are, Ahsante, despite the Mashaka he made with Jay Melody.

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