Zari Hassan Reveals Why She Unfollowed Her Friends on Instagram

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Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan has opened up on why she unfollowed her friends on instagram over the weekend saying that she is “disconnecting to connect.”

Zari Hassan currently has 1M plus followers but only following 9 after she cleared up her following list to only her 4 children , 2 family members, 2 close friends and a business account.

She did the unfollowing on Sunday and revealed through IG stories how those she unfollowed shouldn’t take it personal because she is disconnecting to reconnect.

“I unfollowed a lot of people and just left my friends. I’m just in a space right now , I kind of feel like I’m just disconnecting to come back and connect.”

“To the people I unfollowed, its nothing personal, I’m just in a space that no body understands…but I still got mad love for you.” She said.

She also said that she is enjoying her new age chapter 41 and revealed that it is for changes.

“This is chapter 41 and its beautiful, its amazing ,its different. Its renewal, its revival, it’s deliverance ,its redemption, its so much going on.” Zari revealed

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